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Welcoming Sally, our Director of Sales for APJ

Team Involvio
January 20, 2020
February 1, 2020

We are a growing, charged up, and truly passionate team that is doing amazing things with the unified goal of changing the student experience. Sally Kellett recently joined us as our Director of Sales for APJ and has brought a lot of energy and expertise to the mix. We will let Sally introduce herself in this quick Q&A!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Being born a Sydneysider, that is where I started my career. The last decade in the fast-paced IT industry has been an exciting and rewarding path, especially since I started off as a young female in IT. It has allowed me to see many parts of the world, mentor others and be mentored while being able to continue building my skills and experience as I progressed through roles. Having worked in a big networking giant Cisco Systems for a while, I was ready to take on a new challenge to join Involvio, a very exciting education start-up.

To balance out this fast-paced world, in my spare time, I am usually living the granny life where I enjoy a much calmer lifestyle of mindful activities and restful types of getaways.

What do you do at Involvio and what makes it interesting for you?

As a Director of Sales for Asia Pacific Japan for Involvio, I look after all of Involvio's activities in this region. I am based in Melbourne, which I love because I can work with my customers all over the region while being able to live in a city with an amazing culture. I help universities and colleges improve their student experience by addressing challenges & roadblocks to student learning with the right tech-first solutions.

The most interesting part of this role? I get to create a true impact in the world of teaching and learning. I feel I can help current & future generations of students to have a better experience compared to my own university experience. I also get to work with students, which makes me feel young!

3 big opportunities in higher ed in the next few years

There is so much happening in the higher ed tech domain. If I were to pick 3, these are the ones I am particularly passionate about and think will come to fruition:

  1. More focus on student wellness: With the increase in stress, anxiety & other mental health issues in younger generations, higher ed institutions can’t just tick a box for providing wellness resources. There is a big opportunity to create official programs & facilities that are effective, welcoming, targeted and easily accessible.  
  2. Re-skilling of adult learners: Advancing automation & digitization will affect nearly a quarter of today's workforce. Adults will need to reskill and retrain to keep pace with this disruption. This presents a huge opportunity for institutions to create competency-based courses and build industry work experience into the curriculum.
  3. Fewer barriers for industry experts to teach: Students consistently tell me that they want more 'real-life' industry knowledge. While the best way is to have industry leaders teach courses, their lack of training qualifications at times prohibits this. With the changing job landscape, educators must find a way to engage industry mentors to benefit students.

How would you describe Involvio to a young student?

It is the university’s way of looking after you, to ensure that you are successful and have everything you need in your educational journey. It makes you feel heard and seen in your community despite what a big place your university might feel like. I almost wouldn’t even point out the fact that it’s a mobile platform because the new generation would just expect any life tool to be available on their smartphones.

What makes Involvio awesome?

The people, hands down. We have a small but quickly growing team that are all experts at what they do. People here are committed to the purpose and our customers and always go above and beyond because they truly care. The first thing I noticed when I joined was how friendly, united and helpful the team was. It makes you love your job so much more when you love the people you work with and share mutual goals.

What is something you are passionate about and do a lot of in your free time?

I’m passionate about mindfulness. With demanding lifestyles, many of us have so much and can still feel so empty. Having come out the other end of this journey, I spend my free time helping others so that they can find more peace, perspective, and purpose on their journey. Whenever I can find more time, I enjoy going to the markets, cooking all day, gardening and tiding my house - simple & calming things really.

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